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TI - manifestations


1. Why manifestations?

TI as a platform for collaborations was originally planned as an ongoing process, and from the beginning on we were looking for a adequate form to work on this process and to present it.

Therefore we started in 1998 with spontaneous exhibitions which we could realize without great luxurary: We needed only some old wood - it is found in the streets of every country, even in the most clean countries it is found - , one old door, copies, originals, texts, pictures, documents for training, or... (see TRANSINDUSTRIALE e amici, Vreemdelingen, and kuba).

In 2000 we developed our strategy into a more discursive process between the artists, based on the situationistic ideas of transformation and derivation (Trans Industrial Manifestation DÉRIVE). This nomadic way of working is actually one of the main aspects of the TI activities: Since 2000 we made researches and wonderings in Veenhuizen, Oldenburg, New York, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Miami, Verona, and the countries of Germany (see TIM DÉRIVE 1 - 8).

And of course we didn´t forget the new media: In 2001 the first virtual manifestation VIRTIM1 was organized by TI-PROD Amsterdam (may be in Liverpool???).

Every city, where a TI manifestation happened, is called afterwards a TI city.

The project of the TI - manifestations was terminated in 2009.


2. Some of the TI - manifestations were:


Trans industrial e amici

Verona 1998 (Peter Kastner, Paolo Moretto, Katharina Ortleb)





TIM dérive 4 "where are our business guides?"

Hamburg, Amsterdam, Verona 2001 (Peter Kastner, Paolo Moretto)

In 2001 the former TI-PROD-artists Peter Kastner and Paolo Moretto decided to get into the heart of the art market. Therefore they began researching through the trips of TIM DÉRIVE 4 "Where are our business guides"?






TIM dérive 9 "Masaki is our business guide", chapter 3

Venice, La Biennale de Venezia 2003(Peter Kastner, Paolo Moretto)


And the business plan worked well: the TIM DÉRIVE 9 (chapter 3: Venice) action and business research took place at the Biennale di Venezia at 29th of June 2003. On this day the TI-PROD artists Peter Kastner and Paolo Moretto went by train (please remember: it´ s just the beginning of the big TI-PROD business) to Venezia and 60% of their sold paintings were especially made for the Biennale happening and were (partly) painted with YELLOW color.





TIM dérive 11 "Abriss und kann bleiben"

Hamburg 2005 (Peter Kastner, Paolo Moretto)

In the beginning of 2005 Paolo Moretto and Peter Kastner began to demolish Hamburg and to rebuild the city as NEU Hamburg (NEW Hamburg). The TIM Dérive 11 installation was actually presented at galerie exprssns in Hamburg.