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The idea of the Kastner & Moretto Freizeit


It is one of the typical and nasty situations during life of a painter, that always when he or she is working on an important and profound and big seized painting so much of the expensive color remains. Normally this color is just rubbish, born to be thrown away.


What for a waste of resources!



Because of our dissatisfaction about this situation the idea of FREIZEIT was born. So we, Paolo Moretto und Peter Kastner, decided during summer 1997 to have from now on always a number of small seized, industrial made, canvasses in stock and to smear the remained colors onto these small canvasses. After a while a structure comes out of these spontaneous smearings, the freetime*paintings are growing. They are made after a hard day of working, an improvisation about painting.




The small seized paintings are grown up to a huge number of paintings since the beginning of FREIZEIT. The idea of the presentation of these paintings corresponds to the idea of their origin: we develop the installation with the spirit of improvisation and react on the space with our paintings and their combination. The different combination of each installation creates everytime new stories and ideas. Then it is not longer for interest who made which painting. The most important aspects are that we can combine pictures made in different years and made by different people (from time to time we invite guest artists to participate) and that no texts inform about the author and the title, which would prevent from watching the pictures and their combination.

Since 2003 we include postcards to our FREIZEIT*activities, followed by small objects / models in 2005.


Then it was time to say: good bye, we have to move forward ...